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公司简介 Company Profile
广州市白云区同和顺成磨料经营部 是从事研磨抛光材料,拥有近30年的磨料生产销售经验,集产,供,销于一体的综合性公司。几十年激烈的市场竞争下,公司始终坚持质优价稳的原则,在中国各个省份,直辖市遍布数百个分销点,和广大客户建立起良好的合作关系,在业内也享有很高的知名度。 
Guangzhou ShunCheng grinding company is engaged in grinding and polishing materials, with nearly 30 years of abrasive production and sales experience, set production,supply, sales in one of the Integrated Company. Decades of fierce competition in the market, the company has always insisted,The principle of quality and stability, in China provinces, municipalities across hundreds of distribution points, and customers to establish good relations of cooperation, in the industry enjoyed a high reputation.

Sales Network

Companies in the concentration of private enterprises --- Zhejiang, the country's largest distribution center - Guangdong two areas 
set up a marketing point, with hundreds of sales outlets across the country and Southeast asia,
European customers to maintain a very good operating relationship,
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